How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

Talking to your kids about sex is a very complicated, most of the time awkward, matter. Admit it, there will come a time that they will start being curious about how sex feels like, and when they do, nervousness in you will kick in. You know how and what they feel because you had been there too. When they hit adolescence, their minds will think giggly about sex because of the hormonal changes occurring on their body.

Nowadays, sex is no longer a new subject to kids. In their early ages, they are already exposed to different pornographic materials. For instance, pornography can be easily watched over the internet, there are songs that have underlying messages about sex, there are TV series that have sex scenes too, they can also watch cartoons with sex scenes, and many more.

While sex is always associated with pleasure, we should be recalled that sex is a gift from God for us to reproduce. When talking about it to your kids, try to focus on the bright side and the main reason why God designed humans to engage in intercourse.

When is the right time for you to discuss sex to your kids?

Kids, once exposed to pornographic materials, already have ideas of what sex is. When they see two people kissing while caressing each other, their mind will instantly think that sex will occur next. The right time for you to discuss this matter to them is once you saw them been exposed to pornographic materials. Don’t tell them sex is bad. Sex is not bad, it’s a good thing. Rather, tell them that sex is already in human’s blueprint, and is normal. Even animals do sex. However, sex is something shared with the one you truly love and is being done in the glory of God. You are not trying to be a preacher here, but introducing them to sex as a gift from God will lead them to good decisions once they feel their sexual hormones are arising.

Tell them that sex is for reproducing.

Really, sex is to reproduce. If they think they are matured enough to handle situations like getting pregnant, or getting someone pregnant, there’s no way for you to hinder. After all, they will hide from you once they decide having sex with their partner, or with someone. Just remind them of the consequences that may occur after having sex. Have them visualize the future and the heaviness of the consequences of having sex.

Tell them to be protected.

As a parent, it is your duty to make your kids become knowledgeable of the diseases they may get from having sex. In our world today where everything is in fast phase and straightforward, you too should be. Tell them exactly that they may get AIDS, STD, and many other sexual diseases if they will see sex as a pleasurable matter, having multiple partners, and if they will not protect themselves.

If you will go back to the very reason why people do sex, they will understand that sex is not merely to satisfy the lust and desire of the body. It is designed for human to reproduce on Earth, and it is something that is as precious as gold.

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